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Dr Josef Goldbaum


Dr Josef Goldbaum has enjoyed a 40+ year involvement in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

Graduating in 1971 from the University of Melbourne Medical School ,he spent his first year of internship at the Austin hospital followed by 18 months at the Toronto Western Hospital Family medicine program.

He returned to Australia in 1975 and purchased an established Family practice in Mount Waverley.

At the outset he became very concerned at the then current pan-diagnosis of Anxiety as The cause of illnesses including Cardiovascular ,Cancer and Fatigue and their global treatment with valium.

Dissatisfied with this level of symptomatic diagnosis and  treatments he sought to find reasons for and treatments for 'western diseases' in disciplines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

He ventured further into Homeopathy, Ayurvedic Medicine,Electromagnetic treatments,Mineraloid therapies and others.

Whilst he found ample anecdotal evidence as to efficacy of these treatments ,there appeared to be little valid scientific evidence.

He then turned his attention to Nutrition and Vitamin therapies which were based on a large bulk of scientific evidence stretching back to the 1930's and earlier after the 'discovery' of vitamins as a cause and treatment for many diseases.

During this time he was introduced to Glen Dettman and through Glen ,the work of Linus Pauling Fred Klenner and Archie Kalokerinos in the use of Vit C.

He began incorporating the use of  High doses of Vit C in his medical practice ; at first orally and then intravenously. Intravenous C was used in doses ranging from 15-45 gram for conditions such as Severe viral infections ,in particular Infectious Mononucleosis,influenza and Herpes ; and cancer.

He presented his findings to the RACGP scientific meeting in 1979.

At that time a new clinical entity appeared ,one that was poorly diagnosed and remained so for 30years.It was called by many names such as TATTS (tired all the time syndrome),UMS disease (undiagnosed multiple symptomatology),Reactive Hypoglycaemia and Chronic fatigue syndrome; now known as Fibromyalgia.

He found that there was commonality in that the majority of patients suffered from a range of environmental ,nutritional and inflammatory components.

A small study group was formed by Practitioners who were similarly perplexed by this 'new' illness and who also had non pharmaceutical models for patient management.

They formed the Orthomolecular Medical Association of which he was became the founding VP.

As a group they held public forums and lectures and began to solidify as a working body which became a teaching entity.Political expediency forced a name change to ACNEM .

In 1982 he migrated to the Gold coast with his family and continued his practice in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Acupuncture and IVC therapy as well as a stint in Entrepreneurial Medicine.During this time he developed pre-conceptual protocols to improve pregnancy outcomes.

On his return to Melbourne in 1998 his attention centred on cosmetic medicine and surgery and   anti-ageing medicine with a strong focus on prevention.

In 2008 he established a branch practice in SE Qld during which time he was the founding member and CEO of the Gold Coast Symphony Orchestra.

He also established a national medical telehealth service called 1300Health.

He continues to maintain his strong interests the Hippocratic dictums " Let food be your medicine" ,"first of all do no harm"; and "physician heal yourself".

He firmly believes that Human lifespan is now capable of reaching 150 years and beyond by attention to the now discoverable ,unique biochemical individuality of each person as well as avoidance of environmental poisons.